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    Here is my story from the beginning so that maybe I can get help with going forward.

    I bought signed up for Rogers and received a Blackberry 8220 under a subsidized plan in July. I was going on business to another area and asked explained that I wanted to have a Chetwynd (Home town) phone number but would be calling from Cranbrook(Business town) very often. He told me to get My 5 and I could pick any 5 numbers from Chetwynd (my local area) and call them for free while in Cranbrook. I went for it and received a large bill a month later.
    I call billing, they fixed it because it was the reps fault for not explaining that that in fact wouldn't work and that I needed My 5 Canada-Wide instead and that would cure my issue. I upgraded with no issue and was very pleased that the rep was understanding and worked it out.
    In September I decided to grab a phone for my Fiance and upgrade to a family plan. I worked with the rep for an hour getting it setup so that my Fiance and I both basically had the same plan that I had individually (voice/data/my 5 canada wide/etc)

    This is when the issues started happening. The rep forgot to put Canada Wide on my plan and I got charged a buttload of long distance. I was also being charged for Between Us Calling. I called CS and they credited the account and fixed the Canada Wide issue (the rep had just chosen the wrong option orignally)

    Next bill, massive long distance fees again for all of My 5 Canada Wide and Between Us Calling. At this point they decide it is a glitch in their system with my family plan conflicting with My 5 Canada Wide. They suggest I change to a different family plan that already includes My 5 Canada wide. At this point my bill actually got smaller and I was getting all the services I had before. I was very pleased.

    Yesterday I have $170 for long distance charges again for My 5 Canada Wide and between us calling. The rep tells me that it is because I am out of my local calling area when using My 5 Canada Wide and that it only allows me to call long distance friends while in my own local calling area. I am quite frustrated at this point and ask to be transfered to cancellations. He puts me on hold and then disconnects the call.

    I check this morning on Rogers.com and I took a screenshot of the My 5 Canada Wide scenarios, one of them perfectly describing my situation (Being out of my local calling area while making a long distance call to one of My 5) and it says there is no charge for either air time or long distance.

    I have now spent 6 months of getting disconneted for going over my credit limit even though I have had a credit balance on my account every month. I am happy paying for the service that I am supposed to be getting but the last rep refused to clear off the charges for My 5 Canada Wide even though their website clearly shows I should have no charge.

    I intended to call Rogers today and swap to Bell but cannot afford to drop $800 on cancellation fees even though Roger isn't holding up their end of the contract.

    Any advice or maybe a rep that can shed some light on what I should do?
    01-21-10 09:28 AM
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    I'm certainly not a rep, but I do feel your pain. The only thing I could perhaps suggest is escalating your complaint. Go to the top. I have no idea if you will receive any level of satisfaction but sending a strongly worded letter always feels good.

    Contact Rogers - Call Us, Email Us, Send Mail
    01-25-10 08:14 PM
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    The guy I spoke with is an *****. Confirmed with a new rep and a manager that I am being billed incorrectly for MY5-Canada Wide and Between Us Calling charges. They do not know how to fix this issue and have sent the information to another specialist. Hopefully this gets sorted out so that I do not have to call in every couple weeks and get them to clear charges.
    01-28-10 09:56 AM
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    That's horrible service.
    01-28-10 04:22 PM
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    Christ... I hope this gets resolved for you. I've had pretty good experiences with Rogers, this surprises me.
    01-28-10 07:22 PM