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    10-29-13 05:20 PM
  2. malcolmjude's Avatar
    nobody does z10 for free.....yet.
    10-31-13 08:25 PM
  3. Jack_Yugis's Avatar


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    Don't post IMEI here.
    11-01-13 06:19 AM
  4. bros3n's Avatar
    I have used Celunlock.net! awesome people, and tho it wasn't free (30.00) it was fast, and worked like a charm. Instructions were easy to use, the company was quick to reply and we were very pleased with the unlocked phone!

    We price match so FREE=FREE. We're here to help you.
    11-01-13 01:41 PM
  5. Kunal Waikar's Avatar
    I want to unlock my BB Q10 locked on vodafone UK
    Pls help me
    11-02-13 01:28 AM
  6. Kunal Waikar's Avatar
    Can u help me with Q10 unlock code its locked on vodafone uk
    11-02-13 01:31 AM
  7. sunday walex's Avatar
    Pls I need unlock code for blackberry 9320 curve
    11-03-13 05:49 AM
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    Please remove your imei from the here, you should never post your imei.

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    11-03-13 06:22 AM
  9. denden28's Avatar
    Hey! can you help me? Please.. I really need to unlock my phone..

    PRD: PRD-30025-012

    MEP: MEP-07754-001
    MEP2 (Network): 3351228885890160
    MEP4 (Service Provider: 8903862080730187

    Please help me
    11-03-13 09:08 AM
  10. Jack_Yugis's Avatar
    Hey! can you help me? Please.. I really need to unlock my phone..

    PRD: PRD-30025-012

    MEP: MEP-07754-001
    MEP2 (Network): 3351228885890160
    MEP4 (Service Provider: 8903862080730187

    Please help me
    Your code is wrong.
    11-03-13 09:31 PM
  11. Jonda Peoples's Avatar
    IMEI: 353039.04.017255.4
    T mobile usa
    blackberry 9300 3G curve

    I need the unlock code please
    11-07-13 07:57 PM
  12. malcolmjude's Avatar
    Email me this with your prd code.


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    11-08-13 10:36 PM
  13. R Rajesh's Avatar
    353099050341184 unlock key
    11-18-13 11:48 AM
  14. mileston3's Avatar
    who do i have to get in contact with unlocking my bb curve 9360? What info do they need to get me a code? Thanks
    11-21-13 02:11 PM
  15. mcmel's Avatar
    would you please unlock my blackberry curve phone. I wish to change it to a different carrier
    and I need to unlock it first.
    12-08-13 12:52 PM
  16. malcolmjude's Avatar
    Email me with the imei and PRD code and I will give you your unlock code for free


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    12-10-13 09:17 PM
  17. asaplatino's Avatar
    Hi , i want to unlock my blackberry 9300 free

    Canada Telus 3g curve
    354909048585628 thanks
    01-04-14 03:59 PM
  18. cracked1up's Avatar
    I'm not sure about free but I just today used CellUnlock.net a Crackberry partner. They were very good to deal with.
    My initial code was not correct and they were quick to reply back, the support was great.
    Phone unlocked.
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    01-06-14 02:21 PM
  19. nhanken's Avatar
    Shaunyk don't post your IMEI on the web

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    02-07-14 08:58 PM
  20. shaunyk's Avatar
    could u send me unlock code for my blackberry 9720 my prd is-55047-057
    02-10-14 11:33 AM
  21. Glenn Levoy's Avatar
    Hello I have had my BlackBerry z10 for few month and love it! I just changed carrier and need to unlock my phone. I have my imei# but how do I get my unlock code. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    02-10-14 05:17 PM
  22. Zeeshan Shani's Avatar
    Plz help me.My BBM9300 MEP code 0 left.plz help?
    02-14-14 04:33 AM
  23. Sheikh Hridoy's Avatar
    Blackberry 9300 Curve

    IMEI: 352902.05.202718.3

    PDR: 38266-031


    Please give me the unlock key
    02-15-14 02:03 PM
  24. Kevin Nereid's Avatar
    Blackberry Curve 9320

    IMEI: 3538 3405 2711 145

    PRD :46871-027

    Locked on Globe Telco Philippines
    Hoping for the unlock code. thank you.
    02-15-14 07:32 PM
  25. mefromhere's Avatar
    can u help me i need my blackberry 9300 unlocking plz
    03-09-14 08:55 PM
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