View Poll Results: How much would you pay for TCP access on your BB with Centennial Wireless service?

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  • Having trouble living without the service! Additional $10 or more!

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  • Would really like to have this service, but can't afford a lot! Additional $10 or less

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  • Like the idea but would only use occasionally. $5 or less

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  • Have no clue what we are talking about or don't care!

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  1. souperman's Avatar
    I just so happen to work for Centennial and spoke with the Data manager about all your posts regarding your frustrations over not having TCP/APN access. He was open to the idea and stated that he had thought about doing so months ago but just didn't know if the desire of our customers, equaled the costs involved with the changes to network access.

    Here is your chance! Let me know how much you would be willing to pay for TCP/APN access by casting your vote and depending on the responses we may see a change! Possibly even before the AT&T take over!

    Get to it Centennial customers let me know what ya think!


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    02-16-09 11:44 AM
  2. souperman's Avatar
    Come on Centennial users this is for real you have been wanting it, this is how you can make your voice heard!!! 10 hrs later and still no votes? What's up with that?
    02-16-09 09:29 PM
  3. wallyjayrosenberger's Avatar
    Are you talking like how much extra a month would I pay? If so the I'd say like $5-$10.

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    02-17-09 07:59 PM
  4. souperman's Avatar
    Are you talking like how much extra a month would I pay? If so the I'd say like $5-$10.

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    That is exactly what the people who make the decisions are asking me! Pick your poison, $5/mo, $10/mo, $10 or more/mo. How much is it worth to you?
    02-17-09 08:29 PM
  5. aristile's Avatar
    I would pay between $5 and $10. However I seriously doubt anything is going to happen due to the pending buyout.
    02-24-09 05:32 PM
  6. souperman's Avatar
    Can only hope right, I mean when the Data Product Manager says " what kind of interest is there in this feature? We have been kicking around opening up this feature to our users just didn't see the demand for it." I was kind of amazed that they didn't feel that there was a demand for it at first, but with only three votes I am disappointed.

    I hope the word gets out that this is not a joke and that this still could happen prior to the buyout! They have everything in place, we just need to show the demand for the product!!!
    02-24-09 10:12 PM
  7. VIOLATOR's Avatar
    If this is legit - I appreciate the effort and the thought process. but as of right now - I have gone this long without it - I can wait to see what changes are going to come when ATT takes the wheel.

    As for the cost - given the fact that Centennial is the only carrier that I have seen that does not allow this access as a basic available feature... $5 on top what I am already paying would be the limit.

    02-28-09 05:57 AM
  8. dhogg's Avatar
    I wouldn't pay a dime extra centennial is already nickel and diming the **** out of me 180 bucks a month with 1 BB.
    03-07-09 11:15 AM
  9. pegb856's Avatar
    I wouldn't pay a dime extra centennial is already nickel and diming the **** out of me 180 bucks a month with 1 BB.
    I left Centennial for exactly that reason, I loved the service but all the nickel and diming fees, plus the unbending blackberry policies drove me off. I went to Sprint, the service is just as good and we have 3 lines (2 blackberries) w/unlimited data, messaging, 1500 min. and I pay $60 less a month than I did with Centennial. When ATT takes over Centennial you might get TCP, but chances are you'll probably also get ATT's high prices. All Centennial has to do to allow TCP access is just automatically enable standard data access in their switch or just have the reps program the PDA code into the acct upon activation (they just need to be able to add it without the charge.)

    Good Luck to you all, I hope it's someday enabled for you. Centennial's a great provider, but their Blackberry policies seem archaic to me.

    Also even if it TCP was offered as an add-on before I jumped ship, I personally would not have paid extra for it considering all other providers provide it for free.
    03-18-09 11:44 PM
  10. souperman's Avatar
    Been informed by the Data Manager that it is a no go for TCP/APN access to be included with the BIS feature. If you wanted to you could add a PDA data package to your line and that would allow for things like the Nobex radio companion to work.
    Not the answer that most of you were seeking, but the demand was just not there and the strain that it would cause on the network resulted in the axing of this feature! It really was in the works, some of the Reps, myself included were testing the streaming radio apps and they worked well. When the data came in on network strain I think the Data Manager about crapped himself. Would have had to add a lot of channels(more equipment) and at this point that is just not in the budget.
    For a comparison the BIS feature is so compressed that even 5 minutes of radio streaming is the equivalent of about an hour of browsing in our native BB browser!
    I really tried to fight for it but it came down to demand and cost in the end.
    Sorry guys!
    05-28-09 12:03 AM
  11. jclevenger87's Avatar
    well to be honest i dont agree paying a penny more. why do i say that, because I already pay more to have Blackberry package. The PDA package which is $5 to $10 less give that APN access, but I pay more to get less. that is just crap. I keep getting tols, well u get push services. WTF is that. they keep saying e-mail services, I dont use that. I just want the Yahoo messengers, Which is really CRAPPY with out the APN however it works sometimes, sometimes I have to open and send a test TXT to make it send me messages that are trying to find me. I would love youtube like i was able to watch with no problem on my HTC. I had this and then got it stripped from me. so to be honest, i dont wana pay more, I already pay more.
    10-22-09 02:12 AM
  12. jclevenger87's Avatar
    MAybe someone should do a ping of death and take down centennials network. I think someone should just to show them that we want our APN. not something I would ever do, not know how for one. but still. been hearing about that, I think that someone out there reading this that knows how should.... LMAO..... although I can not be held responsible. I am just making a statement under the Freedom of speach!
    10-22-09 02:14 AM
  13. grimtacular8310's Avatar
    I was referred to this site from a friend. The first thing i wanted to see was what was posted about centennial because i work tech support for them. There is already a way to get tcp access.

    First fill out ur tcp settings
    apn =
    username = privuser
    password = priv

    Contact a centennial rep and have them add the non-blackberry pda package on your line, then powercycle. I believe the package is an additional 35.00, and it buffers depending on the time of day, but it is available.
    12-18-09 05:54 PM