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    I am with the Help/Support over at BBHybrids.net and am working to solve and issue with Sprint members. I need some REAL help from a tech or RIM member.

    I have called Sprint Tech Support 3 times and no one knows that the heck I am talking about. I have obtained my MSL from Sprint with no issues. I punch it in and get the CDMA programming window. I want to know what the settings should be.

    What I am looking for is the list or proper settings that shows the following,
    Mobile Country Code
    Mobile Network Code
    Home SID
    Home NID
    Blackberry Registration ID

    I have been researching this information for a total of over 28 hours. I have located a list that shows SID #s but I don't know if it's current. When I first checked my phone, my SID showed Kansas City MO. If I live in Austin Texas and the closest SID is San Antonio then why is it set for MO?

    These are some of the questions that I am looking to answer. Maybe a REAL tech or RIM guy can chime in and help me out.
    12-20-09 03:35 PM
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    12-23-09 07:34 AM
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    that information should Auto populate if it is a sprint phone. If it is an unlocked phone then sorry man your prolly wont find someone with that info.
    12-23-09 09:27 AM
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    Try pressing #4357* talk

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    12-24-09 06:53 PM