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    Hey all I'm going to be go to france and Monaco for a few weeks and want to take my Curve from Verizon with me, will I run into any problems?
    08-09-08 01:29 PM
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    You won't be able to use your Verizon Curve in France, check this link International Roaming

    There are a couple of things you can do.

    1. Rent a Blackberry from Verizon for the duration of your trip
    2. Buy an 8830WE off ebay (I got mine for less then $100.00 and that included the shipping) and have Verizon activate it (ask about the "Occasional Globle Traveler" program). You can keep your normal plan and have it shift on the day you travel to the global plan and then have it shift back to your US plan on the day your return .

    I used option 2. I travel out of the US about 3 to 4 times a year, for no more then a week at a time. So the "Occasinal Globle Traveler" option works best for me.

    I hope this helps and have a good trip
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    08-09-08 01:52 PM
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    Almost the entire rest of the world is GSM so unless you have world edition, you're out of luck.

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    08-09-08 02:01 PM
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    Thanks for the advice all, my BB is not infact a WE, it's a Curve that has quickly become my accessory in my bag it now has a perm home along with my keys, wallet, and my son's insulin kit.

    Thanks again!

    Out of curiosity who is the wireless phone carrier in France?
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    08-09-08 02:21 PM
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    I have a world edition Can I use a sim card from another company in the country I am going to? The rates through verizon are very expensive.
    08-10-08 09:02 PM