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    Hi everyone,

    If a moderator feels this would be better suited elsewhere, please do move it. I was at a loss about where to put it!

    On Sunday, I was really upset to have my BlackBerry Bold 9000 stolen while I was in Leeds. So much stuff is on there, it makes me feel sick to think about it. ** hum.

    I was due an upgrade anyway, and as I was with Orange UK I wanted to go elsewhere. There selection of BlackBerries was not impressive and has anyone else experienced really bad signal? I work in Leeds and can't receive any inside most of the city centre buildings, my parents also live deep in a Pennine valley and it's rubbish there too.

    I digress...

    I've managed to find a Bold 9700 (if you're comfortable with something, why change, eh?) with the CPW, but have stupidly asked for collection instore in the town where I live. Has anyone had good experiences where it's come through a day earlier than expected? Just found out I've got to work straight through until Christmas. Cannot live that long!

    Obviously, CPW aren't willingly giving up that information.
    12-15-09 05:30 AM