1. haylo2403's Avatar
    I haven't been able to receive calls from people who use Sprint all day. I can make calls to anyone but receiving from Sprint seems to be a problem. Does this have something to do with the outage? I'm not sure if other carriers can call me either. I know Verizon to Verizon is working because I have received several calls from friends with Verizon today but nothing from anyone else. Girlfriend has tried to call me all day and says she only hears beeps before it disconnects(she has Sprint). I had others with Sprint try calling me too but with no success.
    11-17-09 06:30 PM
  2. bhobbs6221's Avatar
    My problem is a little different I just tried to call my BB Tour from my work phone after reading this post. What happens is the call rings on my work phone but the cell phone doesn't acknowledge that a call came in there seems to be some sort of delay. Then I get a message indicator that I miss a call. Also I am noticing the icon with the clock circling as if the phone is pause or waiting for instructions. This is two days intermittent behavior this, why is this not getting more attention is anyone out there feeling my pain here. There has been no communication from RIM on any other carrier to indicate what the problem is or was and how long we should expect this. Sorry don't mean to be on a soap box here but am I right here ?
    11-18-09 08:38 AM