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    I have an unlocked Curve on the Fido network, and it can't receive messages from places that use short code text messages (Twitter, the bus, facebook). I'm super frustrated because I looooove my bb, but my stupid old Nokia could handle short code.
    I called Fido, and (unsurprisingly) they weren't very helpful - apparently its a compatibility issue, and not high on their priority list, unless everyone starts complaining. Is there a work around? I've done battery pull, I've tried every way of entering the numbers, and I'm at the end of my rope! Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thanks!
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    12-05-09 01:10 PM
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    What texting plan do you have? I've never heard of this - I was with Fido and could receive shortcode SMS'.
    12-11-09 11:20 PM