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    ok what i am tryin ta figure out is which blackberries can be used with boost and do they have to be used on tha blackberry plan. all i am lookin for is to have a bb that can do talk text internet and yahoo messenger. so do i have ta go with tha boostberry $60 plan or can i git those features on tha $50 plan and use another blackberry and if so which models. i like my bb but have ta git a cheaper plan and want ta go with boost but still want ta keep doin what im doin. anyone know what i need ta know???
    06-09-10 10:26 PM
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    I'm currently using the " official " Boost BB 8330 , this is my 3 rd BB ( started w/ the 7250 then went to the 8830 world edition , both " flashed " to Boost ) .
    The 7250 got me interested in ( now ) standard BB capabilities & functions & the 8830 gave me the feel of a more modern user friendly BB w/ even more bells & whistlers .
    Both were bootlegged ( flashed ) to Boost . The upside being $50 a month to use a BB , the downside being absolutely no CS support from either BB or Boost for ANYTHING due to the circumstances .
    Now , w/this 8330 BB I've got the full service of all BB apps ( that are compatible wmy phone ) & I've the native browser & all the 8330's native functions ( often not completely enabled on unlocked phones ) .
    Pros - All the above mentioned plus : extended talk time & battery life , 3GP video ( record , save & play ) , 2.0 pix camera takes solid pics , small & lightweight , BT enabled ( ? ) , inter grades well w/ social networks ( Facebook , etc ) , designed well .
    Cons - Video taking is cumbersome , bulky & very slow ( video playing works fine but only in 3GP ) . Having problems getting Bluetooth synched w/ other devices . No Wi Fi accessibly ( doesn't have the hardware so it'll never happen w/ this model ) .
    Overall Opinion - The 8330 isn't flawless but it is the BEST pre paid BB on the market that I'm aware of ( haven't tested new Virgin $35 a month plan yet & I'm not even sure they have a BB option ) .
    Would LOVE to see a more up to date BB on a monthly no contract plan. Hope this helped alittle .

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    07-18-10 09:33 PM