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    Today, I wandered into my local phone carrier store, and noticed the recent absence of the 9860. So I asked my good friend who works at the store, and he said that our carrier killed off the 9860, and the 9790 is next. Since the 9860 came out, I have only seen three out and about between work and school. And the only 9790 I've seen around belonged to my sister, who returned it for a Samsung Galaxy S2. My friend said that the 9860 and 9790 have had the worst sales of all the phones they have, and the loss of these two phones bump the available BlackBerry phones down to the 9900, 9810, 9360,9380, and (disturbingly enough, but because people need the CDMA smartphone) 8530. I'm just wondering, is the 9790 and the 9860/9850 around anywhere else? I know that some other places they are doing very well, and some other places... Not so well...
    05-22-12 10:32 PM
  2. ALToronto's Avatar
    I just got a 9860 from Telus. Great phone!
    05-22-12 10:58 PM
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    I'm torn. I got my 9860 from Telus when it came out, I think it was august or september. It replaced a storm 9530 and was definitely a huge upgrade. However, it does kind of lag and it kinda bugs me. When I'm in the browser it lags about 2 seconds when I type in the browser. And the camera takes 1-2 seconds to snap the pic when I press the button. Every once in a while it will freeze(probably happens once every month or so) and requires a battery pull. Lately my contacts folder has been staying open and will not close unless I do a pull. And my buttons are all peeling.

    I'd say overall I'm mostly happy with it but not happy enough to not consider a different phone when my contract is up. I'm really excited to see bb10 phones but by then there will be the iphone 5 and a plethora of Android devices so who knows what will happen.
    05-22-12 11:42 PM
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    Spring has discontinued the Torch 9850 where I live & I heard in some other places too.

    I played with it in the Sprint store back in October. Wasn't too impressed really.

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    05-22-12 11:58 PM