1. khaltire's Avatar
    Hey guys, just picked up a 9700 but Im having some problems. Often when I have full 3G signal I cant receive data. Other times it does work, but most times not. I try going to google and search it just says 'requesting page' and it just never loads. Later in the day I will try and it will work but then stop again. Same thing if I try using google maps the maps dont load (GPS works fine however but it shows my location on a grey background)... doesnt seem like data is going through but I definitely have a plan...

    Anyone know why this is? Not sure if it matters but I bought it from Future Shop without renewing my contract. I just put my SIM in under the assumption that it would work. And it should right? Keep in mind I already have a 6GB data plan.



    Do I need any APN settings fresh out of the box? I tried putting internet.com for the APN user name and I think that fixed it cause it seems to be working now. I swear my 9000 didnt need to have internet.com for the APN to work but I forget and I cant check cause I sold it. Can someone please confirm?

    11-17-09 12:27 AM
  2. Makinen's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same problem with mine. Just picked it up yesterday and sometimes pages won't load for me even when i'm using wi-fi.

    This is my very first Blackberry so I have no clue and the ins and outs of the device. I called tech-support and he told me that everytime I wanna browse using wi-fi I have to go into the options and switch it to Hotspot Browser and everytime i want to browse through 3G, I have to change it back to Internet browser. Is this correct????

    @Khaltire, where do I change the APN?
    11-17-09 07:53 AM