1. bmwmpower's Avatar
    Can somebody help me? Ever since I opted to back my address book up wirelessly via T-Mobile's servers, my phone gets an SMS about every hour about how there was an error with the images I chose for my contacts (Assuming facebook photos) and it gives me two options "OK" or "Save." Regardless of which one i pick, I get the SMS every hour from T-mobile. It's annoying and I can't shut it off. I went to address book options, and "suspended" the service but it still keeps coming back. I want to delete this crap altogether from my phone! STOP PUSHING CRAP to my phone T-Mobile or I WILL DROP YOU! I've noticed other T-mobile crap pushed to my phone as well I did NOT ask for

    Anyone knnow how to fix this?
    12-10-09 04:27 PM
  2. RWWackostu's Avatar
    Call or go online with CS and tell them what is going on and ask them to fix it. Start there.
    12-10-09 10:39 PM
  3. powerhousevolley's Avatar
    I get the same sms message from the myfaves contacts. I only started getting this message when I upgraded to a leaked OS, I receive the message in .411, .415, and 4.21.

    Did you upgrade to a leaked OS? I am going to reload tomorrow with out the myfaves options and see if it corrects itself that way.
    12-16-09 10:40 PM