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    Im having a problem trying to sign up for a new plan on the Sprint website and selecting a Blackberry Tour.

    Im trying to switch from Verizon to Sprint's Everything Data share plan. I pick the plan, pick the Moment for me and the Tour for my son. Everything is fine with me selecting the Moment. After I pick the Tour though, it takes me to a screen that says:

    The following errors were found while processing your request
    Please select the following service and/or package(s) required for your phone or plan: Blackberry Data Services

    and it wants me to add Blackberry Services to complete my order at an additional $69.99 per month.

    I called Sprint, and the rep I spoke with told me that I didnt need any additional services, the Everything Data Plan I was selecting was sufficient. I then stopped in a local Sprint store who told me the same thing. Is there something I am missing, or is it a glitch on the website?

    I wanted to purchase on line to take advantage of a friend's employee referral discount...both the store and customer service said I could only use the website portal to use it. Any ideas?

    Thank you for any help.
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    02-05-10 09:21 AM
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    Yeah, skip the friend/family referal program and sing up in the store, so you have documentation that you wont be charged 69$ more a month...
    02-05-10 01:27 PM
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    Are porting or getting new numbers????????

    If you getting new numbers, just make the primary line the blackberry and the 2nd line the Moment then call Sprint and have a rep switch the Moment line to the Primary...
    02-05-10 02:57 PM
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    Thanks for the ideas. It must have been a temp website glitch. I called the referral 800 number, and an agent got the order through with no problem.
    02-06-10 09:35 AM