1. amyxox's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Very new to the Crackberry world! Got a curve 8520 on Panther 35 today and so far I'm in love (i've always had rubbishy hand me down phones so super excited about getting this today)

    So anyway, before I start seriously using this baby I'm a wee bit confused about what my unlimited blackberry email entails! I tried googling but i'm so confused and i'm waiting on my confirmation letter from orange to sign up on the website. I used to be with god help me 3, so i'm even new to orange!

    Does unlimited email just include the emails you get through the email you set up on your blackberry?

    I downloaded facebook from blackberry apps world, does it include browsing on that?

    Thanks for any other tips about getting the full works out of your blackberry! I've already downloaded the mac sync program from the blackberry site and got all my music from itunes. But anything else would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Amy
    11-23-09 05:49 PM
  2. Aye Up's Avatar
    The blackberry addon that is included in the Panther tariffs includes the unlimited email and web browsing since it predominantly uses the blackberry.net APN.

    So as not to confuse you however, should you browser facebook or bbc and so on it will all be included within your useage and there should be no extra charges.
    11-23-09 11:30 PM
  3. GlenB's Avatar
    Congrats and welcome Amy.
    Take a look at the crackberry app store too, not all developers use the Blackberry App World to make their apps available. Also make sure you do regular backups and have a browse around on here, there are plenty of "newbie" threads with advice on the best apps, tips and tricks and all that sort of thing.
    11-24-09 05:40 AM