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    Right i just got the curve 9000, 18 month contract, 900 minutes unlimited texts and chose to take blackberry email too since id get 500mb a month of useage and unlimited email. But the thing is i cant connect to anything i try to set up an email account and the only option is to set up an enterprise email account. I phoned orange they set to click register in the host routing tables and turn on and off the blackberry to get the settings but still nothing came through almost 36hours later. I tried to create an account on the actually blackberry site but when i entered my PIN and IMEI it says i am not registered. Anyone got any suggestions?

    12-11-09 09:05 PM
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    Anyone experiencing these issues just phone 150 and say you need help with email features tell them youve done the host table registering ect and the reboot and then they phone you on a different line and force the update through and after that its plain sailing
    12-12-09 05:22 AM
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    Is it the curve - 8900 or the bold 9000/9700. Do you have GPRS, EDGE or 3G - in capitals?

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    12-13-09 10:00 AM