1. slushee's Avatar
    so i got a 9700 blackberry on the bell network, and my plan is unlimited web browsing and email. I sent a txt to the TCARE system to get my bill and data usage, and the data usage was always "in plan data"

    Now, I have a section of "in plan data" AND "out of plan data"....

    I called Bell twice, and both times was told that the new HSPA system or whatever isn't allowing the unlimited blackberry data plan to cover the new HSPA data usage BUT that it's a problem as its supposed to, so when the bill is printed, they will credit back ALL out of plan data usage until this is fixed...

    I dont know but it sounds a little fishy to me. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm gonna call back tonight and speak to a manager just to cover my lightly padded ****..
    01-31-10 08:43 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    Yeah, when I got my 9700 I actually downgraded to 500mb for email and data.

    My average usage (I am a heavy user, all the time browsing and youtubing) and I use roughly 150mb a month.

    Call back and see what your average data usage is and downgrade to 500mb... saves you like 10 to 15 a month as well.
    01-31-10 07:13 PM
  3. rainor94's Avatar
    For the first month with Bell when I brought a Bold on there network it did the same thing to me.
    02-01-10 08:58 AM