1. monkichi99's Avatar
    I want to sell my bell blackberry and realizing the BIS account issue. Is it possible to deactivate the device PIN/IMEI off the BIS? How about the phone number that is attached to the device can i simply just unregister?
    12-17-09 05:27 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    You can call bell, and cancel your account (if under contract they will charge you $20 a month for remaining months). This will cancel you your number with the phone.

    As for selling it, if your phone as a clean IMEI/PIN the next user will have no problems activating it.

    If you have the 9000 or 9700 and someone wants to activate it on Rogers or Telus, you might have to call bell to get the PIN released so they can register it on the new network.

    Hope that helps

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    12-18-09 08:35 AM