1. etakor365's Avatar
    Hey I am due for an upgrade just before Christmas and I am wondering what is the best BB that should be coming to Verizon before Christmas. I am upgrading from a BB Storm which I have had a serious love/hate relationship with in the past so I would rather not get the storm 2. Plus I miss having a physical keyboard which haven't had since the Samsung Alias back in my dark pre-blackberry days. Anyway any good BBs coming out before Christmas that i should get excited for? I heard about the 8530 and I dig the optical trackpad but I heard it feels "cheap" and I am looking for a sturdy and high end blackberry. Thanks
    10-09-09 10:47 PM
  2. theanswer3's Avatar
    The Tour is the highest end blackberry out on VZW with a keyboard right now. 8530 is like 3 steps down. In late Jan/Feb Tour 2(Essex) is supposed to come out with WiFI,trackpad and a higher resolution camera. might want to see info on storm2 here is best youtube video review.
    10-09-09 10:56 PM
  3. TheSultan's Avatar
    You could definitely enjoy the Tour my friend
    10-09-09 10:58 PM
  4. MNotar91's Avatar
    I reccomend the Tour. If you really want wifi and a trackpad then wait for the Essex I guess. For 2009, the Tour is the best QWERTY available.

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    10-09-09 11:25 PM