01-08-10 01:19 PM
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  1. elvin1983's Avatar
    So, I'm trying to send a BBM to the GF, and all I'm getting is the check mark, no D, but when I send one to someone else, it went thru fine, so my next plan was to send myself a test e-mail, which never got pushed to my Tour, so, I resent my service books, and never recieved that e-mail message either, re hosting my routing table was successful, but didn't result in any of my messages being pushed to my device. Anyone else having problems today? Started around 11:00am Central, St. Louis MO
    01-05-10 11:10 AM
  2. Guigsdaddy's Avatar
    same here in toronto. started at the same time as you
    01-05-10 11:19 AM
  3. elvin1983's Avatar
    I just now got my service books message, but still no e-mails... WTF!?!
    01-05-10 11:22 AM
  4. monsky1956's Avatar
    Same as you, Elvin, here in NYC. No reconciliation of yesterday's e-mails, some early am mail arrived, nothing recently. Also no response to sending service books.
    01-05-10 11:23 AM
  5. darnallj's Avatar
    no Email or BBM here in KY on verizon

    internet is working
    01-05-10 11:23 AM
  6. avacomputers's Avatar
    BBM Working on Sprint in PA and NYC.
    01-05-10 11:24 AM
  7. darnallj's Avatar
    Verizon says no trouble
    01-05-10 11:30 AM
  8. Dolamite02's Avatar
    Same thing here in Houston. Last email I received was 7:57 this am.
    01-05-10 11:31 AM
  9. RolandAA's Avatar
    Seem to be having spotty service on T-Moble in L.A., Bell and Rogers in Toronto, and AT&T in Seattle
    01-05-10 11:33 AM
  10. LDK9884's Avatar
    same problem. my bbm isn't working. if i send a message, just a check mark will appear, but it never says d or r. i have at&t and the service is absolutely horrible in chicago so i thought maybe it was just at&t.
    01-05-10 11:34 AM
  11. elvin1983's Avatar
    Just got my original message, 30 minutes after I first sent it. Still waiting for the second, oh wait, just came thru as I'm typing. One of my BBM convos has an R by it, the other just a check mark, no D or R

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    01-05-10 11:34 AM
  12. Josey.Wales's Avatar
    No BBM or email since just after 11 Central time in DFW area. Same prob as OP, check mark but no D. Browser working.
    01-05-10 11:35 AM
  13. Dolamite02's Avatar
    Boom- the moment I hit reply here, my test mail came through.
    01-05-10 11:36 AM
  14. elvin1983's Avatar
    Strange, E-Mail seems to be coming thru alright again, but still seem to be having BBM issuses
    Hmm, Just sent another message to the current contact I'm having a convo with, and it went thru no problem...
    01-05-10 11:38 AM
  15. monsky1956's Avatar
    Coming through sporadically, in a bizarro order.
    01-05-10 11:39 AM
  16. elvin1983's Avatar
    I wonder if maybe there was a little hickup in the RIM system or something???
    01-05-10 11:40 AM
  17. monsky1956's Avatar
    Problems reoccurring. E-mail now not sending or receiving.
    01-05-10 11:46 AM
  18. ndoucette's Avatar
    My 9700 on Bell isn't working either.. No BBM, facebook, msn, email, or even my mobile browser.
    01-05-10 11:47 AM
  19. monsky1956's Avatar
    Here in NYC internet's working fine. E-mail not at all at the moment.
    01-05-10 11:49 AM
  20. elvin1983's Avatar
    I'm having no issues now... e-mail coming thru faster than before, and BBM working fine as well... weird...
    01-05-10 11:51 AM
  21. ndoucette's Avatar
    my bbm seems to be working, but still no mobile browser or facebook.
    01-05-10 11:52 AM
  22. elvin1983's Avatar
    I've been able to use the browser, and FB was only hesitant for a minute, then it started working fine for me... I wonder what the **** is going on?
    01-05-10 11:55 AM
  23. ndoucette's Avatar
    RIM's suckin the **** again. hahaha.
    01-05-10 11:56 AM
  24. monsky1956's Avatar
    That's for damn sure.
    01-05-10 11:58 AM
  25. eklisiewicz's Avatar
    I am getting sporadic bursts of mail. For example, I currently have 7 unread messages sitting in my Gmail inbox. They have yet to be pushed to my 8900.
    However, in sending out a test message from a different account, that arrived right away on my phone's inbox.

    I noticed this out of order sending earlier today too. Everything else works fine.

    I am on T-Mobile.
    01-05-10 01:18 PM
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