1. grullonn's Avatar
    Hi there. I'm a US service member who's currently on assignment to transfer to Korea later this summer.
    So can anybody give me the 411 on blackberry service in korea?
    Since continuing with AT&T service is not "economically" sound.
    Something like 2 bucks a minute and 50 cents a sms text and internet service by the minute. Ouch!!!
    07-06-09 10:45 AM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    GSM World : Home of the GSM Association

    Also, if you have orders, you can usually break your contract with no fee.
    07-06-09 10:56 AM
  3. grullonn's Avatar
    GSM World : Home of the GSM Association

    Also, if you have orders, you can usually break your contract with no fee.
    Already spoke with AT&T, they have a "military suspend" program. which I can "freeze" my acct in 6 month increments. for a nominal fee. since I got 3 other lines (family plan) they will be staying here in the states while I go do my thing over there. Kinda hard to see myself without a bb while over there....lol
    07-06-09 08:21 PM
  4. ace587's Avatar
    I'm not sure if any the big carriers offer BB service but intl bb service is 70/month and its a 1 year commitment I wud go tmobile since its 20/month and use a UMA BB to call over wifi

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    07-14-09 02:33 AM
  5. Jino's Avatar
    SK Telecom is the only carrier that offers BB service in Korea. They are the biggest in the nation and are badass! When you get to Korea, get a USIM card and sign up for the service. I think it costs like $30 for the BB package on top of the monthly rate. Keep in mind, they don't have minute packages, jsut pay as you go. Korea's mobile telephone is a wonder to behold. You will NEVER have dropped calls anywhere. You can even hold an hour lond conversation while on the subway with crystal-clear voice quality.
    07-25-09 03:03 AM
  6. foundinSEA's Avatar
    Korea uses CDMA only. There is no GSM network in Korea. Best bet is the new Tour (your 8310 won't be supported), but check to make sure it covers the CDMA frequency in Korea, which it should as a dual band phone.

    Of course if the Tour uses a SIM card for CDMA then you might be out of luck, unless SK offers SIM cards for their regular service - as far as I know they do not (phones are SIM-less). You should probably also check your roaming rates as ATT might have a good international roaming package for data. Korea-side talk to people on base about packages since they'll know better.
    08-02-09 01:43 PM
  7. grullonn's Avatar
    Thanks for the info guys !!!!! I figure my best bet will be in when I hit the ground over there, and see what those already there are doing.
    08-08-09 03:45 PM
  8. grullonn's Avatar
    UPDATE: Well I'm up and running with SK Telecom here in Korea ...I'm been traveling around the Peninsula...always have a signal !!! very few dropped calls. My monthly bill averages about 70-80 bucks with data plan. That's cheaper than when in the US.....Awesome !!!
    10-17-09 07:47 AM
  9. MrOflanagan's Avatar
    Could you provide some more info on how you got set up? I would really like to know.

    Thanks and hope you are enjoying your time in the land of the morning calm.
    10-18-09 07:30 PM
  10. cha.minjung's Avatar
    I need to know how you did the transfer between AT&T and SK Telecom
    I will be traveling between the two countries frequently spending half year here and half year there... haha.

    Can you give us the tips please?
    (Oh, did you unlock the phone before you moved to Korea?)
    11-15-09 07:34 PM