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    I have gone thru MANY MANY emotions tryin to figure out why I dont get message alerts from Myspace on my BB Storm 9530!!!

    I have it back to workin on my Storm, here is exactly, step by step on what I did....

    1st - go to Options>Advanced Options>Applications> and delete your Myspace app then do a "quickpull" or do a battery pull.

    then I went to Myspace.com on my PC, went to "Account Settings" and clicked on "Notifications". I checked everything I want to be notified of and saved my changes. I then went to the "Mobile" tab and activated my mobile settings and check marked everything. I put a "0" in the "Alert Limit" box, then saved changes

    I then went to my actual email account and deleted any/every filter I had regarding Myspace. You HAVE TO MAKE SURE that your myspace email notifications land in your actual email "inbox" and not in a "Myspace" folder or any other folder!! THEY HAVE TO LAND IN YOUR INBOX ITSELF!!!

    I then took my BB Storm 9530, and did the following...

    Options>Advanced Options>Default Services> and both of mine are set to the same exact email address as my Myspace account is set up with.

    Then go back into your "Applications" folder and redownload the Myspace App. and you should be all good to go!

    Under the Applications folder, it still shows "Not Installed" but at least now I finally have peace of mind that my Myspace alerts are in working order!

    I am not responsible for anybody trying this and having it not work. The reason for this "New Thread" was for the simple fact that this is exactly the steps I took in order to get mine to work and I am most definitely not making any guarentee's whatsoever that this will work on any/all other phones.

    I really and sincerely hope that this works for everyone that tries it...

    Please leave any info that might be of good use to other readers as well and let me know if it has worked for you!

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    I hope this works for everyboy you might have wanted to post this in the storm forums.

    Good job figuring this out

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    03-10-09 07:06 PM
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    I will do this right now.... Sorry, still a newbie to all this posting stuff! jus tryin to help...
    03-10-09 07:08 PM
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    Your off to a great start. If I had a storm I would appreciate it, lol

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