1. boss4life#AC's Avatar
    Is anyone out there having a problem with there data tonight? I have ATT and my wife and I have nothing but GSM. The problem has been going on for hours. I have re-sent my service books and pulled the battery but no luck.
    I just need to know if its a larger problem or just a problem with my service. Thanks in advance
    09-14-08 12:23 AM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    I have been good all night. No issues.
    09-14-08 12:25 AM
  3. boss4life#AC's Avatar
    I just got off the phone with ATT and they are telling me that South Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, and Eastern PA are all having data outages. Can anyone confirm this to be true? Thats a huge outage if true
    09-14-08 12:39 AM
  4. Msmari's Avatar
    I'm in Jersey... I have Capital EDGE full bars.... No problem here.
    09-14-08 12:49 AM
  5. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    See I keep saying att stinks!
    For the love of .... Why do people find it necessary to do this.
    Just un friggin helpful. As if other carriers don't have outages from
    time to time
    09-14-08 01:15 AM
  6. dave_sz's Avatar
    Chicago area here, all is good and has been through all the rain and all the flooding...

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    09-14-08 01:22 AM
  7. oakie's Avatar
    09-14-08 05:52 AM