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    I am using the OS from BB10 Archive here. 2813 in the SE. Today both of my screens changed to the att home screen! Lock screen went to that Dark Plateaus that is in the phone. I know the default att home screen because I own a att Passport and so I was surprised this happened. Plus if you change home screen you cant pick that default att screen again. This is true on the att version too.

    The other thing I noticed is that Headphone audio boost now shows up! It was not showing the last time I was checking for diff in OS versions. 2813 is also loaded on my att phone but is a Blitzed load on top of the latest att version OS. Today I have also learned that Verizon was disabling Headphone audio boost in BB10 for awhile. They actually tried to put the blame on BB!!!! ( source is BB support forums ) FTC and FCC are you watching????????????

    My ringtone also changed from Open to something else. Text notification stayed the same.
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    08-24-16 09:56 PM
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    Carriers send out software updates that the manufacturers send to the carriers, after some testing and review. The whole point of being on this forum is being able to load any OS version your phone supports onto your phone, manually. The only reason I registered here was to learn how to do this with older BlackBerry phones when I was tired of never getting updated functionality.

    Nobody you can talk to at AT&T anymore knows jack about BlackBerry phones or services, so they would have to connect you to BlackBerry (nee RIM) to get any information that isn't guessing.
    09-03-16 12:08 PM

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