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    I have an unlocked Storm 2 and use T-Mobile and was having WiFi issues. My hotspot browser was not an option anymore only internet browser remained and WiFi did not work it would just time out. This is what worked for me. I can now use my WiFi with internet browser. My router's security was set to WEP. I went into the router settings and changed the security to WPA2-PSK [AES]. I unplugged modem and router waited about 30 seconds and plugged in the modem. I waited for modem to boot all the way then plugged in the router. While the router was booting I deleted my WiFi profile from my 9550. After everything was rebooted I scanned for my network selected it typed the password connected and saved it. Now my WiFi works perfectly, is solid white and it's blazing fast with no need to switch to hotspot browser which is impossible anyway cause it's not even a choice I have. If I take the sim out maybe it will give me that option but not going to try and fix something that isn't broken anymore. Hope that helps anyone having issues with WiFi and may also help people that do not use an Unlocked device but I do not have one to test with.
    12-20-09 09:23 AM