1. TNuggs13's Avatar
    Every time I get the notification on my phone that I have a VM I hold down "1" and it connects to my VM. Then it will give me the usual stuff except my phone will say something like pause for 3 seconds then it automatically goes into the set-up mode for VM. Why is it doing this? I didn't have this problem up until 3 weeks ago. I have the 8330. Please help.
    11-29-09 01:32 AM
  2. ttfmaep's Avatar
    No problems here.

    Have you called your number from another phone to see if the greeting is OK, etc?
    11-29-09 09:24 AM
  3. TNuggs13's Avatar
    Yeah I tried that but it says I don't have a VM. It seems like after it pauses for 3 sec it erases the VM. I will start by saying 1 new VM and then go into the options.
    11-29-09 01:19 PM
  4. grantwelch77's Avatar
    Have you changed any settings in your phone? After I press and hold 1 it goes to VM and then i programmed it to auto dial my password> Maybe you did same and have an extra 7(for delete) at end.
    12-01-09 06:41 PM