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    I'd like to take one over. Currently on Pay-As-You-Go and its killing me without data. Obviously since we cannot meet this would all have to be done on the phone, so it would be a free "Transfer of Responsibility". If you have an AMAZING plan (one similar to the one below) and would like to be paid, I can PayPal you the $. I have numerous references here and on eBay.

    I'm looking for a great retentions/corporate contract, not one I can get by going to store myself. Hopefully something with around >2 years remaining, and looks like the following:

    - 300-500 anytime minutes
    - (unlimited incoming)
    - (unlimited network calling = Free R2R, R2F, R2HP)
    - 300+ MBs of data
    - 2,500/unlimited text messages
    - Caller ID
    - Voicemail
    - 1000 long distance minutes

    * Items shown in brackets, (), are optional, but hopefully included features *

    All of this for around $60 including taxes and SAF per month. Like I said, I can pay you if you have this exact plan.

    In fact, I was going to get a plan that included everything above (including optional features), but 700 minutes, 500 MBs of data, and unlimited text for $150. I haven't heard back unfortunately and I need a plan!

    I'm in London, but like I said this can all be done over the phone with Rogers. Let me know and thanks!
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