12-24-09 03:31 AM
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    So yeah since it's not the carrier my Wifi connection won't fix the issue. Both BES and BIS are down for me.
    i don't know...but i just shut off my mobile network, and it seems to be browsing through wifi at least...

    Ooops...must have been a short time fix...got 2 emails and now its dead again...
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    OK..besides the whole power outage ordeal, to the originator of this post..i got the same question...how did you get your Bold to work with Verizon? or is it an error...? that would be like a dream come true...bold 9000 with Verizon! bad @ss lol
    If you read the post completely, You'll notice the OP says that their carrier is Bell Mobility, in Canada.

    Bell is also a CDMA provider, but I believe they may be in the process of a CDMA to GSM network conversion? So that may explain it. I remember hearing something along the lines of that, but I find any information on it at the moment.

    [Edit: Figured it out, Bell Mobility run both a 1xEV CDMA based network, and a HSPA+ 3G, GSM Network in tandem, meaning they can support both GSM devices, and CDMA devices as well.]
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    im using verizon..and its starting to work
    12-23-09 04:00 AM
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    Just back on Rogers/Toronto

    See "sticky" message though for much more active thread on last night's out*ge.
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    The only thing I noticed was my browser wasn't loading and my updates to my weather apps was affected. Sms and phn worked wifi worked I emails used that for the time I was home. is this the second time in a year? This don't happen everyday and for the unique push I can't complain. Once they get everything back up and running that's all that matters.

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    12-24-09 03:31 AM
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