1. h0ndatuning's Avatar
    I recently purchased a Blackberry curve 8330 from EbAy. I didn't noticed until after I purchased the phone that it was an Alltel Curve.
    I currently have service through Verizon Wireless. Will I be able to activate this phone under my plan, or should I cut my losses and re-ebay this phone and purchase a true Verizon curve?......
    I see some forums on here that say I can use this phone where others say I can't, someone help!!!

    11-22-09 08:43 PM
  2. Super_Mario's Avatar
    If you have a Verizon Plan you can not use the Alltel phone. Thats tuff stuff. Resell or ask the seller for a refund, unless its stated it was an Alltel phone.
    11-23-09 12:22 AM
  3. fisduki's Avatar
    I have had an Alltel Blackberry 8330 for about 6 months now and was just recently changed to the Verizon network due to Alltel being bought by Verizon. Everything is now verizon and nothing has been changed on my phone and it still works fine.

    BTW, I came across this thread searching to see if I would be able to flash the new Verizon OS to my phone or if it would be bricked if I did that.
    11-24-09 05:44 PM
  4. h0ndatuning's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, I just called verizon wireless and they told me sometimes they can activate Alltel equipment under an existing Verizon line but sometimes they can't...Really didn't make since to me......
    I've come to the conclusion that verizon can activate Alltel equipment but they try to avoid it, for what reason I do not know...
    But when I receive the phone I will try to activate it and see what happens...
    11-24-09 07:09 PM