12-23-09 10:25 AM
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  1. the70sboi's Avatar
    Nothing in Toronto on Rogers as of 12:45pm

    Silly of me to wipe my phone this morning thinking it was my own problem....
    12-17-09 12:44 PM
  2. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    @vzw.blackberry.net working like a charm here in Southwestern CT. Two gmails, one yahoo, and one exchange server (through BIS, not BES) dead on my Storm.

    Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and exchange server also silent on co-worker's phones (2 other 9530s on VZW, 1 8830 on VZW, 9000 on AT&T, 1 8900 on AT&T, 1 8900 on Tmobile).
    12-17-09 12:44 PM
  3. john.hyrcyk's Avatar
    Just got a bunch, downloaded from my gmail account. Nothing from my work account yet. Telus in Calgary.

    12-17-09 12:44 PM
  4. ivhs72's Avatar
    It's out in Portland Oregon, has been since midnight. My carrier is Sprint. I got a call from my daughter about 10:30pm last night that she was having problems sending text messages, was getting error 2112. I had it happen to me as well, but only once. Text seems to be working now, but no emails. I only use POP3 email only, no exchange servers involved. Called Sprint was told that it was a nationwide outage, ETA of today approx. 5:00pm.

    12-17-09 12:45 PM
  5. neilah's Avatar
    9:36AM Pacific, inbound messages caught up and (seemingly) keeping up with my GMail account.

    SENT mail to test account from TMo device HAS been received by my laptop.

    VZW BIS Tour still silent. Wtf, Verizon, you are the most expensive carrier for this??!?
    12-17-09 12:46 PM
  6. Spetnik's Avatar
    Receiving a flood of emails here now.
    12-17-09 12:47 PM
  7. Magic Rat#WN's Avatar
    starting to see email through my work email address (I'm BIS), but not the personal accounts yet. WA state.
    12-17-09 12:47 PM
  8. noaim's Avatar
    my att address receives email but my gmail does not
    12-17-09 12:48 PM
  9. CYaris's Avatar
    Nothing here, in New York, on my VZW Storm2 as of 12:46p.
    12-17-09 12:48 PM
  10. evillive's Avatar
    VZW in SC and still nothing yet
    12-17-09 12:48 PM
  11. ss1248's Avatar
    I'm thinking they're batching too. I'm getting emails, but only in spurts. Sending them out is working fine though. (T-mo in Baltimore)

    EDIT: I have not re-sent service books
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    12-17-09 12:49 PM
  12. dr.alkhamees's Avatar
    just got a flood of emails
    Montreal - Telus
    12-17-09 12:50 PM
  13. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    VZW BIS Tour still silent. Wtf, Verizon, you are the most expensive carrier for this??!?
    Not carrier related. Anyone with Blackberry BIS in North America, and apparently other parts of the world, are SOL.

    And there seems to be no way of seeing who and how is coming back online.
    12-17-09 12:50 PM
  14. chelleygirl's Avatar
    I'm on VZW and haven't received an email since 4am EST. I cannot even sign in to resend the service books.....I'm in PA by the way
    Last edited by chelleygirl; 12-17-09 at 12:51 PM. Reason: add additional info
    12-17-09 12:50 PM
  15. elvin1983's Avatar
    Still nothing, I guess this would also explain why my browsing was so slow last night... read on an article that some were experiencing slow web browsing as well... C-
    12-17-09 12:51 PM
  16. bradyapba's Avatar
    Western Mass, Verizon, finally received some inbound emails at 12:50 EST, outbound always worked.
    12-17-09 12:51 PM
  17. fairygirllv's Avatar
    I am in NV and I just got a bunch of emails from several different email accounts I have on my phone.
    12-17-09 12:51 PM
  18. osfan1951's Avatar
    nothing in Baltimore VZW
    12-17-09 12:51 PM
  19. FatBoyHD's Avatar
    MY BB is still not receiving any emails, but my better 1/2's started to get some @12:22pm est. We've been down since about 2am. We have VZN up here in Maine.

    12-17-09 12:51 PM
  20. ericsmcdonald's Avatar
    I'm thinking they're batching too. I'm getting emails, but only in spurts.
    Can you explain what this means exactly? Thanks!
    12-17-09 12:52 PM
  21. Citrixguy's Avatar
    Using Verizon - still nothing.
    12-17-09 12:52 PM
  22. Eric Canha's Avatar
    Email being pushed to the storm as of 12:45pm in Boston.
    12-17-09 12:52 PM
  23. istephiegrl629's Avatar
    Tmobile in Los Angeles, still dead as a stick
    12-17-09 12:53 PM
  24. me.nader10's Avatar
    still havent recieved any emails through my gmail acct. 12:52 boston vzw.
    12-17-09 12:53 PM
  25. Agent Elliot 007's Avatar
    Just got a flood of e-mails. On a Sprint Curve for what it's worth...gmail and hotmail...
    Last edited by Agent Elliot 007; 12-17-09 at 12:56 PM.
    12-17-09 12:53 PM
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