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    I apologize as this is a repeat post to the one in the 9700 thread, but I wanted to make sure all Vodafone users are aware of this issue (and see if anyone has a workaround yet):

    Have been playing around with my new 9700 from Vodafone in the UK and love it. Small, fast, slick and the apps are all working well (aside from Truphone taking their time on OS5 support). However, I was sold these devices under the assumption (and information falsely confirmed by a Vodafone telesales business rep) that the 9700 would support full UMA services on their network. Well, while the wi-fi is humming away beautifully for data, it seems that Vodafone have disabled the UMA calling feature and opted for their own "signal-booster" using a landline telephone (not that this solves anything, but trying to receive services in an old house made of stone).

    I just spent an hour on the phone speaking with various representatives and the conversations will continue on Monday morning to try and resolve this misstep on their part, but just a heads-up to anyone thinking of going with a 9700 on Vodafone:

    Brilliant phone, but UMA calling is disabled (just like Rogers in Oh-Canada). Reminds me of Verizon doing the same thing with GPS in the US back in the day... Silly bastards, innovation can't be blocked, so why bother trying to stifle it in favor of a quick pound and alienate your customers in the process?!?

    On a somewhat related matter, has anyone managed a crack for this aside from wiping the OS? Perhaps some ideas from another handset's successful workaround? Thanks!!
    11-14-09 08:04 AM
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    The only network that ever supported UMA in uk is Orange. The feature is not disabled on the phone, it's just that Vodafone never had uma.
    In the future do your homework and never trust a salesman

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    11-29-09 04:02 AM
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    What is interesting though is BT who is a MNVO using Vodafone do offer UMA and sell the 9700 as well, infact that's where I got my 9700 from but use Orange instead.
    12-11-09 06:33 AM