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    The usual 8830 issues are bugging me more and more. Got a ringtone I can hear but don't like the sound of; half the time don't feel the vibrate when phone is holstered; people complain about background noise even a fairly quiet office; and after using a colleague's cheapo alltel Moto, I can't stop noticing how crappy the sound quality is -- at least on my BB.

    So the curve "pasture" is looking greener and greener. It sits better in my hand; I had to put egrips on my 8830 to keep it from squirting out of my hand. Coming from a treo, my thumbs are happier on the curve's keyboard.

    But I'd like to get some input about two things:

    Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison of download speeds between the two phones? I use the internet almost as much as any other function on the BB, so speed's important.

    And has anyone noticed a difference in phone sound quality between the two?
    08-13-08 08:06 PM