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    Bought an unlocked 8310 (supposedly brand new, splash screen says vodafone). Put in my existing sim card that was in my 8100, that had a data plan with working bbm and email. 8310 Phone works just fine, along with texting. However, no way to set up email account (only asks if I am on enterprise, or if I want to skip), and bbm wont work. Spoke to fido, they say the phone must be registered to a different carrier (obviously, they don't offer the 8310), so they don't know what to do.

    Any suggestions?

    11-22-09 09:11 PM
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    . It does work.

    Listen, the guys at fido are instructed to give you a hard time with connecting non fido phones because they want you to buy their pearl.

    They gave me the same rant last week when I got my 8300. Do you know what I did.

    1. Call and tell them that you data arenít working. Don't mention that itís a non fido phone.
    2. They'll ask for the type of phone and just say blackberry.
    3. They'll once again ask you for the exact type. Tell them your model number

    *This is where they'll tell you that they can't guarantee that it will work.

    4. Inform them that you've done this in the past and that it worked fine and you just want to switch you data onto your old phone.

    *What they should do from here is custom make you a number that will allow you to get data on your phone.

    Once this happens they'll tell you to reset your phone. If it worked you'll get a text message saying that fido has activated you data package. If not wait a few ours and call again.

    It took my 3 calls to get them to fix my data. I called 2 times in the night time and finally got a full timer in the morning to fix my data. I just let her know that the phone was telling me that my Service provider didn't activate it. She said ok and fixed the problem in under 2 minutes.

    Moral of the story. Keep calling until you get someone from fido to help you
    11-22-09 09:21 PM
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    This happened exactly 4 days ago too. (Just for your information)
    11-22-09 09:28 PM
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    thanks, will try again in the morning.
    11-22-09 10:45 PM
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    keep me posted on what happens
    11-22-09 11:14 PM