1. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    Bin doing some thinking on this, not weather or not I want 4G but the following concern.
    Tmobile, Verizon, Sprint all have 3G along with 3G phones. Sprint has 3G and 4G (selected areas) but no 4g phone. Sprint has the usb dongle that will plug into a laptop to get 3G/4G (where available) but Sprint has NO 4G phones . Verizon is pushing for LTE (?) which is supposed to be 4G but what about the phones? Any one gonna make a 4G phone? Or is 4G going to limited to pc's only with that usb dongle? Speeds of 4G are gonna be phenomenal. If Verizon is indeed gonna have their 4G up n running by the end of this year, AND they get 4G phones, then it would make sense to wait till the 4G comes around to Verizon (for me that is) along with a 4G phone. Any one have any rumours if RIM will or is planning on 4G blackberry phones.
    Just wandering out loud
    02-21-10 11:02 AM
  2. K Bear's Avatar
    RIM is planning 4G phones. Could be Storm3 or later devices. At this point, we are looking at a Q3/4 2010 or Q1/2 2011 before 4G phones are moved out by RIM.
    02-21-10 11:07 AM
  3. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    Kbear, that is good to know as my Tmobile contract runs out the end of this year and I am gonna wait for 4G phones. Hopefully Tmobile will have 4G lines, but if not I will go for Verizon that is really gearing up to 4G too.
    02-21-10 11:25 AM