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    Hey, Sorry if this has been posted before.

    I recently purchased myself a 2nd unlocked BB STORM 9500 (The 1st BB, the company i bought it from had "misplaced" the previous owner's details so the pins unreleased in the air somewhere lol) , and the Pin is still locked to the previous Owner's account on vodafone.

    My Question is:
    When its unlocked and I Register the BB Pin on my BB Price planned 3 Simcard, Will i automatically be sent the 3 Service Books, APN and MMS Settings?

    And will I be able to Switch over and use my BB price planned Tmobile simcard and request Service books for this also.

    Will both Settings be Saved on the Storm?

    A lot of questions i know but any input is greatly Appreciated
    01-26-10 10:09 PM