04-22-16 12:33 AM
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    I don't think the 5s was ever green lit for/capable of voLTE--not even the one TMO sold.

    I think they allow the shopBB NA Priv because the Priv was going to be a phone they decided to carry (albeit a different model from the one sold unlocked,) and because they have plans of going all-LTE with their new device lineup by EOY. OTOH, since they never carried the Passport, so once they decided to not carry it, it might have completely gone off their radar.

    As you may know, Verizon has that band 13 "Open Network" thing hanging on their head. So maybe if someone was/is ready to go to war with Verizon Legal citing Network...Openness, the Passport could be allowed on the network? In what capacity, I don't know. How broad is the Openness requirement--are they required to just allow the device on the 700 MHz network, or extend all technologies being used on that network, like voLTE?

    While BB10 has the hooks for voLTE (IMS,) I'm not sure if BB would even be willing to set anything up for Verizon at this point (too much work/money or to keep Verizon happy.)
    Truee... looked it up. Guess the 5S wasn't greenlit. I find that a bit nutty as I know the hardware is perfectly capable. Got a iphone SE for myself so I can use the band 12 coverage when in gaps, phone actually lasts pretty long on battery doing hotspot to Passport.

    The whole whitelisting thing to me is the last true sticking point with t-mobile that annoys the crap out of me.

    And yes I meant tethering my phone to laptop. Second radio is nice I guess but using both at once wrecks battery.

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    04-21-16 11:38 PM
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    The whole whitelisting thing to me is the last true sticking point with t-mobile that annoys the crap out of me.
    So is that just something they do wrt VoLTE, or other things as well?

    Should I should consider myself lucky that my OnePlus One works at all on T-Mo, then? (And yeah, I know it's band-handicapped, but for what I'm doing I'm getting an OK LTE signal so far. If I eventually decide to switch to T-Mo for my daily driver, I'll have to find a more amenable phone in that respect. Pity bc I really like the OPO.)
    04-21-16 11:42 PM
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    I would think that the issue would be a much lesser issue for Verizon, which has the most extensive coverage in the US. But I don't know how many VZW towers are band-13 only. (I would guess that such areas are likely to be rural. Where coverage in general cannot be assumed, so I think this would mask the liabilities since it's a fact of life in such places that your phone will probably be out of coverage for a significant part of every day anyway.)
    I believe Verizon's b13 LTE coverage is more contiguous than b4 and b2. Regardless, if they have b13 towers (and CDMA for voice) in rural places, according to TMO's logic with b12, Verizon would get fined if a customer bought a Priv from shopBB and was not able to make a call because 1) no b13 in shopBB Priv, and 2) no CDMA in shopBB Priv, and 3) rules apply equally to TMO and Verizon. So why would Verizon allow such a phone any level of access--especially when there's no "Open Network" sword hanging over their head (i.e. no b13?) Aren't they worried about the same fines TMO claims they are denying band 12 certification based on?

    So is that just something they do wrt VoLTE, or other things as well?
    voLTE, WiFi calling, maybe that free in-flight texting I linked to (there's a "software update" involved, which is why I can't say for sure if there's a whitelisting aspect to it,) RCS-based services, Softcard/Isis (RIP) and probably more.
    04-22-16 12:33 AM
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