1. Nelimungous's Avatar
    My last batch of email on BIS with ATT took forever to come through. Anyone else seeing any issues in the Midwest? St. Louis, MO area?

    12-08-09 11:43 AM
  2. tbcpn's Avatar
    For the three hours, I've been unable to receive email thru BIS in Madison, WI, on VZW.
    12-08-09 02:31 PM
  3. Nelimungous's Avatar
    My BIS seems to be ok now. I never did see any other reports on this site either. Didn't see anything for WI on their either.

    DataOutages.com - Blackberry & Carrier Service Outage Information Center
    12-08-09 02:36 PM
  4. Aburt's Avatar
    "Yes" to problems here -- Denver / T-mobile.

    I'm seeing network-like failures playing both Pandora and Slacker radio. Pandora is either slow to start but plays (rare these past few days) or gives network errors (most common). Slacker just sits at "Buffering..." forever. Been this way since the weekend. Surfing works okay, getting email fine. Full reboot made no difference.

    Hmm, SSH fails too (midpssh) which used to work fine. "Peer refused the connection" -- except that my server has no log entry showing it even received a connection attempt. 2nd SSH test... gets an initial "OK" but then hangs on SSH protocol negotiation, times out. 3rd test, very slow, but connects.

    Looks like they're having some kind of network issue. (My guess would be inside RIM, since all the data traffic routes through them.)
    12-08-09 04:38 PM