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    New here (read news updates daily since forever just never posted). Hope this is the right spot for this post.
    Question is, I'm in the US on AT&T with an stl100-1 I bought unlocked. Also bought my fianc a white stl100-1 several months ago. Got tired of waiting for 10.2 and now hearing 10.2.1 is already in leaks so I finally chose to try a leak for the first time. Backed up my phone on Link and before going any further I see an update pop up on link for I believe. I tried to install it with errors twice so I pulled the sim and it installed (taking a few hours). Came up as os version after installing. If anyone is in doubt I can screen shot it and email to someone I guess but I'm on Att US with 10.2 without autoloading. I have priority hub and wolfram voice control answers so I assume it is real.
    Now my fianc tried hers on her computer and no update so I tried on mine. With sim, without sim, before backup, after, even with my sim installed. Nothing. We have the same phone, same computer, same steps, everything. Both tags behind battery say stl100-1, same long model underneath that, Mexico 6 phones, same carrier and data plan, everything I can think of. I feel bad having it and she doesn't. Any thoughts on what's happening?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for this site and all the great info I read. Typed on my z10 btw.

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    11-18-13 05:03 PM
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    I think your guess about AT&T hosting the STL 100-1 build is wrong. That version was never released on US carriers, the standard US support is STL100-3, or STL100-4 for Verizon frequencies.

    If you really have STL100-1 devices in USA you will need to grab the files from an overseas carrier in a region where 100-1 was officially supported. The easiest way to do this is the Sachesi installer, downloadable via this thread. I did a quick scan, the first 100-1 support for .1791 I found was Etisalat (UAE, Country code=424 carrier code=02.

    Note that there is a later version available with support from some carriers, I have no idea which carriers support this with 100-1 for OTA or download, but you can find a link to download the autoloader in this thread
    11-18-13 05:43 PM
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    OP, sorry, didn't really read your post, but do yourself a favor and update both devices to

    It's awesome
    11-18-13 05:55 PM
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    I still might try a leak, especially if her phone can't be updated to what mine is. I've been skeptical for months about messing up a phone but it seems everyone is doing it so I'm tempted. I don't claim to be the most tech-savvy person on official builds or correct lingo. My biggest question is just why Blackberry Link showed 10.2 on my phone and let it update while another identical phone on the same plan it won't... or even where that build came from on my Link to start with if not official (and I believe you that it isnt). It's not like I've ever put an autoloader or leak or anything ever on my phone/computer. It was only in link, wouldn't show up wireless in settings. I'm sure whatever happened many people in the US that won't install leaks would love to duplicate it if I knew why it worked

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    11-18-13 06:07 PM
  5. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    It really won't mess up your phone. Ironically, this is one of the more stable builds I have used. And the amount of features that have been added at this point is almost astounding. Its like they actually listened to all the whiners, haha. Good luck with your updates
    11-18-13 07:40 PM

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