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  1. cptstubing's Avatar
    My Sony Ericsson U10 just stopped working a bit ago so I decided to get out this BBB 9700 I found last year in a snow fort. It works, so I got it unlocked from Bell and plugged in my VM SIM.
    Apparently, the DATA portion of the plan I'm on for $28.75 a month after tax (includes 100 any time min/unlim texts/100mb data), which I've used for 2 years but is no longer available, DOES NOT WORK WITH A BB.

    I was told by an agent that BB data goes through BB servers and is compressed for efficiency, and for this reason the 100mb I used to be allocated each month on my SE U10 would be equivalent to ~400mb on BB device, and so I must get a "suitable" (BB) data plan that will cost a lot more.

    This bothers me, of course. I am going to ask VM if they can just give me 25mb instead of 100mb and let me use my gmail in peace.
    Has anyone found a way around this using IMEI spoofing or some kind of clever app?

    I find all carriers (except Wind Mobile) at the moment have nothing good as far as plans that include data go for a reasonable price. Minimum for something decent that a BB can use is around $50.

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  2. howarmat's Avatar
    This isnt going to work like that. Older BBs need a BIS plan. It doesnt matter how many MBs the plan is but it needs to be a BIS plan
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    09-21-14 08:49 PM
  3. tangozulu's Avatar
    If VM means Virgin Canada u may find they offer the best BBOS data plans. I had them when I had a curve 9320 and it was fine with a month to month. Should be able to get 10 percent of monthly with your own phone. I find Koodo better for my needs now but they do no support BIS data. It is great with my BB Q5 as unused data rolls over each month.
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    10-11-14 02:16 PM
  4. cptstubing's Avatar
    I hope I don't jinx myself, but here's an funny story.

    After being told by VM in person that my BB 9700 won't get data anymore with the current plan I'm on, I came here and posted. Of course, I had to actually CALL VM and see what would happen if I just asked again, really nicely. So I did do just that.

    Called VM, explained how I've been on this prepaid plan for over 2 years, and my SE phone broke and I have to use this old BB. The guy was really nice, as they are at VM I find. He explained, as expected, that I need a BIS plan for it to work, yadda yadda. I said I barely use data, just whatever is used for GPS/Google Maps, Gmail, and the weather.gc.ca website to check the weather.
    He said I could pay $10 more a month and get twice the minutes (200 Canada wide), and half the data (50mb). But I barely make calls and would rather have the data, and keep the $10.

    So I told the rep that VM is a good company and the timing is such that there aren't any plans that suit me, so I'll probably just let this next month go by and switch to Eastlink before the next top up is due, as Eastlink has a good prepaid plan I can use, and they're a local company which I like supporting. He agreed and said my "notes" say I've been a good customer for quite a while and was sorry I would be going to Eastlink.

    A couple of days later I opened the browser thinking I was on WIFI. Looked on Google for something and realised WIFI was off. I was on 3G.

    10-11-14 03:14 PM
  5. tangozulu's Avatar
    Well good luck then. I still like BIS data but is gets less and less support from Carriers. Im glad Virgin is still supportive. If you ever get a BB10 devise I think you'll like Koodoos prepaid plans. Im like you and don't need much, but still need. I cant imagine paying 50 dollar a month for a phone bill.
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    10-11-14 05:46 PM

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