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    It's apparently only for North America folk

    "BlackBerry is trying a new tacticto lure customers back ?by paying them to switch phones.

    The Waterloo, Ont.-basedsmartphone maker says itwill pay iPhone users as much as $600 to switch to a BlackBerryPassport phone.

    Canadian iPhone users with iPhone 4s or later makes are eligible for up to $400 in trade-in value, depending on the model of the iPhone, plus a $200 top-up from BlackBerry.

    U.S. users are eligible for up to the same amount, plus a $150 US top-up. Users with the newest iPhone models, the 6 or 6 Plus,are eligible for the highest trade-in value, up to $400.

    Only North American users are eligible for the trade-in program, and the iPhone must be in working condition.The promotion starts Dec.1 and runs to Feb.15, 2015.

    Anyone trading in iPhonesmust purchase a new BlackBerry from the BlackBerry online shop or from anAmazon website. The money will be provided on a prepaidVisa gift card and mailed to users within sixweeks of receiving the iPhone and proof of purchase of a Passport,according to a blog post by BlackBerry.

    On Monday, BlackBerryand CEO John Chenannounced the Passport phone is available in new colours, white and red, in addition to black."

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    11-25-14 08:33 AM
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    What the heck is up with all that html in my post??

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    11-25-14 08:33 AM
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    BlackBerry is going hard after the North American market.... too bad they don't have any of the carrier's there offering the Passport so people could take advantage of it. If AT&T would start carrying the Passport.... it would most likely end up being free on contract (if you had an iPhone to trade in...)
    11-25-14 09:01 AM

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