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    Hi dear all Crackberrians & good day to all of you.

    Currently I'm using BlackBerry Z30. As I know, Z30 internal memory is 16Gb. I having an issue where my phone getting slower and always ask me to clear some of the files. I always delete WhatsApp back up since it consume about 1.6Gb of space and transfer other files such as photos, videos & other documents into the external SD card. Today I checked my phone, this one come up:

    Z30 Internal Memory Issue-img_20160419_095834.png
    Z30 Internal Memory Issue-img_20160419_095817.png

    As attached, the misc files located in phone memory showing 21Gb in size. How do it exceed the phone memory which is only 16Gb?

    Sorry for the poor English.

     I love my Z30 
    04-18-16 10:12 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Not from the misc folder, based on the properties. Check the video folder next, or simply look in settings->device storage->details, which should point the way to your issue.
    04-18-16 11:40 PM
  3. apizkamal's Avatar
    I checked the misc folder, the system show that size. I already transfer other files including video to memory card.

     I love my Z30 
    04-19-16 04:05 AM

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