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    In the second season two episode of Orphan Black which aired this past Saturday, there is a scene in an emergency ward where a police officer user uses his smartphone to snap a shot of an unconscious shooting victim (for regular viewers I am talking about Helena). You see the officers swipe into the camera app, then the shot changes to the subject's viewpoint, and after the flash glare fades, the shiny Blackberry logo of a Z10 is very clearly visible. Most viewers probably wouldn't notice it but to any Z10 owner it jumps right out.

    This popular and exciting show is shot in Toronto, so it is nice to see the film crew giving Blackberry some prop love.

    EDIT: Oops, just realized there is a sticky forum for this kind of thing. Mod... please move this for me.

    EDIT EDIT: Double oops, also just noticed that someone else posted about this in that sticky thread in much more detail than I did, so moderator please just kill this post entirely if you can.
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    04-28-14 08:59 AM
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    A good spot. I'm more likely to see Elvis in London.
    04-28-14 09:42 AM

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