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    02-22-13 01:18 PM
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    I think it's pretty fair eh lol. In the last 8 months I bought Galaxy 3S, Note and Iphone 5 with no contracts. I may be a BlackBerry fan, but I'm not dumb either eh, so I see the flaws. I have to say the z10 is hands down a better "phone". When I had my android and iphone, people thought I came from a different country lol, it was that bad. I don't think I can live without the HUB anymore eh, it's freaking awesome, love the flow. I would do the gesture on my Iphone5 lol. If I have to say something bad, it would be the apps ie instagram, skype, whatsapp etc. But I carry two phones, so I don't really care eh.
    02-22-13 02:04 PM
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    Let's be careful here.....smaller samples always are biased higher than larger respondent pools. Also, this is a very new product and most of the currenet buyers are going to be fans who have waited for the product to arrive. I'm happy to see all the great numbers, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
    02-22-13 02:24 PM

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