Hey guys I wanted to start a thread that focuses on what's on your blackberry. This will help people get a good idea on what the avg memory usage is so that they have an understanding of where they're at as well is giving people a comprehensive look at the applications everyone is using. So what did you do to YOUR Blackberry? First, list the model and carrier you use followed bye your OS version and file free. Second, list the 3rd Party Software you have installed and if ya want let us know if you've taken anything away from the OS to maximize your free memory. And last but not least, if you want to post a pic of you with your BB. Ill go first...

    Sprint Blackberry Curve 8830 (Red)

    Running OS

    File Free - 56552716 bytes

    3rd Party Apps - GMail, Google Maps, Facebook

    Customization for performance - used Crackmem to strip to OS of wallpaper,vad,DOD root certificates,Sample Video,BB Maps,Tasks,Help

    Using a 2 Gig Micro SD Card. Set Device Pic Reserve Mem to 0mb
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    10-30-08 03:19 AM
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    Mine will probably only have BBM installed. JT if I can get my ex to give me the JT key as she will be moving onto a touch pro (yuck).

    I got my Sprint curve last night.

    45780084 bytes - Nothing installed.

    Will post back tomorrow or later on today
    10-30-08 05:53 AM