1. chelseytx's Avatar
    where can i find youmail? i have heard a lot about it and would like to try it.

    01-09-09 05:24 PM
  2. rachel0179's Avatar

    I tried it, I didnt like it, had it all for an hour LOL
    01-09-09 05:25 PM
  3. chelseytx's Avatar
    kk. hmmm i have azeria alerts and did the samething. hated it. it would lock up my phone when a message came in an only the app key would release it.

    thanks for the info!
    01-09-09 05:32 PM
  4. rachel0179's Avatar
    aerize alerts is different to youmail.

    You can set the visiual to an email instead of text.
    01-09-09 05:35 PM
  5. cdf3's Avatar
    I have my voicemails forwarded to YouMail. I like how it can detect the persons name and city they are calling from for missed calls and voicemail calls. Much like a home caller id.

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    01-09-09 05:39 PM