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    I work for a fortune 100 company HQ'd in Midtown Manhattan as a Ad-Sales Analyst (I.e Looking at Charts and creating reports All Day)...

    I deal with over 75 Sales Reps and 25 Account Executives scattered across the country, needless to say my job is almost always demanding...We're talking someone who will clear out 50 emails before he goes out on lunch and by the time we get to the restaurant my blackberry is lit up with another 35 emails....SO I NEED MY BLACKBERRY!

    But the culture set by my company is Email and IM from anywhere, you need to be accessible...My company has well over 6k blackberries issued in the country and 2500 just its NYC Locations alone and we solely use Sprint and ATT blackberries that mostly consist of Curves, 8800s and 8700s with some 7200s still scattered about and Bolds are starting to trickle in.....

    My company and NYC for that matter has such a Blackberry Culture that its mind blowing (I kid you not with this story of my day on Thursday)-

    - I leave the apartment to wait for the Express bus 3 people (Including myself) are on their BB at the bus stop...

    -On the Express Bus (Mostly working/business class uses this bus) as we approach the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel for Manhattan I happen to notice that
    there's at least 5-6 ppl using their blackberries at this very moment because of that distinct clicking that the keys make..I know it well.

    -Get to my office building get into a jammed elevator with about 12 people jammed in...Of the 12, 7 of them have their blackberries out checking them and 2 are actually typing.

    - 10:30 first meeting with 16 other analyst, only one brings her laptop...Everyone else blackberries OUT holding down their papers (Myself included in this)...Lights go out for the presentation...The Instructor kindly ask all to turn off our Blackberries and says since this is 2 hr meeting every 30mins we'll stop for a 7 min blackberry break...Never heard anyone use that term for a break in my life before.

    - 12:30 going to lunch with 3 other co-workers get to the restaurant you guessed it...Blackberries out on the table next to us like they were silverware....Even the a guy attending a business lunch next to us was using 7520 Nextel I noticed.

    - 2:15 coming back to the office - again Elevator full of Blackberry users.

    - 4pm Another meeting with just 7 people this time...Blackberries out, Even the person giving the presentation has her blackberry out in plain view...and even stops the conference at one point because she needed to answer an email. Then we all check ours right behind her, like it was some kind of signal to check your emails NOW!

    - 7pm at the express bus stop to go home I'm almost in shock that not one person was checking their blackberry while waiting for the bus...Might have been how cold it was...Bus comes we board as I walk to the back of the almost full bus I noticed that 100% of this bus is doing one of 4 things - Sleeping, Reading, Working on a Laptop, Or WORKING ON THEIR BLACKBERRIES (I counted 8 people on Blackberries sure there was more) I made 9 once I sat down and got comfortable...By the time we were out of Manhattan and Into Brooklyn i think most Blackberries were put a way by then.

    I just found it amazing of the Culture the Blackberry has on the Working Class in this City. NYC has to be the BB capital of US maybe North America.

    Have you experienced this same thing where you live and/or work?
    02-21-09 07:51 AM
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    Yes. I work for a large medical association in Washington DC. Exactly as you described. We too have occasional meetings where BlackBerrys are requested "Off" and then we take BlackBerry breaks, LOL. Our company encourages use of BBM to avoid text charges. I get about 120-150 emails and BBM messages a day. But only 40 on a Saturday, 20 on Sunday :-)

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    02-21-09 08:24 AM
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    One reason I got a BB was to have greater email access to might clients. More for me than for them, since I can deal with problems right away instead of getting lovely howdy do's when I get to the office in the morning.
    02-21-09 10:08 AM
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    Wow OP, I wish I could work in an envirement like that! I'm out on long island trying to get a career started, I hope I can get into one where everyone is using their berries!

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    02-21-09 10:17 AM
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    My question is: How do you get any work done by having a meeting then go to lunch then have another meeting? J/K.

    That was a good story. I enjoyed reading it. But seriously I do see a lot BB being use like its going out of style. And what a way to communicate with the world today. It makes staying connect a lot easier.

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    02-21-09 10:19 AM
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    ^^^^^ LOL I know right ---- Please somedays I go right from one meeting to the next over the course of an entire work day, and there are even times where lunch is brought for us because we have meetings thru the lunch hours. So this was a light day with just 2 meetings....

    People where so overwhelmed with Meetings we had to inact a meeting-free Friday's no manadorty meetings what-so ever, No Off-site trainings, No Presentations of New Structures, No Conf Calls, No Quarterly results meetings.....Just get work done! Most of us just work from home those days.

    And another BB culture plus is - When we're going to be out of the office or away from our desk for a period of time...We dont say "We'll be out, blah blah" we just say "Hey, Im going to be on my Blackberry til about 2 today". So "Im on Blackberry" has replaced "Im going to be out of the office". AMAZING isnt it.
    02-21-09 03:44 PM
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    Geez, one could almost OD on the amount of BB usage you see everyday! I always think, on one hand BB has given us a freedom to leave the office/work and still be productive. That is an awesome feat in itself. On the other hand, BB has replaced actually sitting down with our children and or spouse and "talking" instead of texting. BB has made it possible for "work" to permeate every facet of our life.

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    02-21-09 04:10 PM
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    wow very observant post haha

    i got to college and when im on the train going home for rush hour and theres alot of business people in suits on the train typing away on their blackberry's

    i noticed almost 90% of them are using curves.

    haven't seen many BOLDS yet.
    02-21-09 07:01 PM
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    I work for a major US airline and I have started to noticed more and more of my fellow employees are starting to use Blackberries, and as well as the countless passengers are all Blackberry owners!
    02-21-09 07:58 PM
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    I work in a large bank in Manhattan, and we all use work issued blackberries to get work done when we're not in our office, but I notice on the bus on the way to work and going home that a lot of people are on iphones for entertainment (ie. watching movies or browsing the net).

    I also see a lot of people on non-smart phones that are constantly texting while riding home. So I'm not sure it's necessarily a BlackBerry culture per se- just that there are more people on blackberries at your work because that's what your office issues to their employees.

    I think in general, people just feel they always have to be doing something in their busy lives today, so they are always either texting, surfing, or listening to their ipods. I rarely see anyone sit there on the bus reading a book anymore. Guess that's out of style now. Lol

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    02-21-09 08:03 PM
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    ^^^^I see iphones too - but this day I was just noticing Blackberries....and I'm sorry but NY is overrun with BB users...Even more then Iphones
    02-22-09 06:03 AM