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    So I posted the following in the desktop manager section and didn't get any feedback. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

    So I just got my yahoo Calendar upgraded by yahoo to the "new" calendar and was sent an email advising me. Now I go to do a Blackberry Desktop back up and it sync's my contacts as always and then comes my calendar, it provides me with an error message saying it lost connection with Yahoo. So of course I try it again and then straight to Crackberry to see what's really going on. So after reading several posts I find that yahoo has decided not to support the Blackberry Desktop Manager Calendar sync With this new calendar upgrade.

    Now I confirmed this on the yahoo help section and now I send the question to the loyal Crackberry Nation: Has Yahoo taken a major step away from Blackberry or are they working hard on a wireless sync as is available with the iPhones? I find this frustrating and I appreciate all the posts that I found here about this, but it scares me that so many users have had the same problem for several months with no fix from Yahoo!

    Luckily BB has the Protect out to help with backups! I also read I can start using outlook to try the yahoo "beta sync". All I can say us wow!

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    04-18-11 12:27 AM