1. candystorebrian's Avatar
    Tried syncing my yahoo calendar using desktop manager 4.7. Works fine unless I have a multi-day event, since yahoo seems to handle multi-day events as if they were single day events that recur. For example, in my blackberry calendar I would enter an all day event that begins on 6/15 and ends on 6/17. In my yahoo calendar, the same event would be entered as an all day event on 6/15 that recurs daily through 6/17. Because the information about recurrence is missing from the blackberry event, they don't sync properly. I realize this is because of the rather silly way that yahoo handles multi-day events (this problem doesn't happen if you're syncing with Google or Outlook), but was wondering if anyone out there has come up with a solution.
    06-15-09 02:18 PM
  2. webangel211's Avatar
    Hi candystorebrian, I had a problem synching my Palm Tungston E2 with my BB and posted the question under webangel211 and had a few replies. I'm looking for a calendar that I can color code and create catagories and do all kinds of things with because of my schedule. I just looked at the google calendar and it looks like it will do what I want and from what other people are saying to. But I am going to check out a few applications first because I only want to input all my info once and then synch to my phone. I don't know if I was any help, Probably not, but good luck.
    06-15-09 06:46 PM
  3. candystorebrian's Avatar
    webange|211: Have you tried Outlook? I think google can do some of the things you want, but not all. I don't know if you can color code events based on categories, for example. You can using Outlook however. Don't know what that will look like on your BB, since I don't crrently sync with Outlook. But I recommend giving that a shot.
    06-17-09 01:37 PM