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    When adding a new email account on the blackberry, yahoo is nice enough to create an icon that is different than any other created email account.

    I found in my pictures that there is a file for it:
    /Device Memory/appdata/rim/bda/icons/{service book UID}/1-48-36.png

    I was able to rename the directory to a {service book UID} for another email account that I created, and the overwrite the 1-48-36.png with another file that was the same size ICON, when rebooting or changing my theme the Icon for the other email service was changed and the yahoo icon seemed to be unaffected.

    This is great for me, however I would like this to be done for my users when they connect the blackberry to our IMAP server.

    I don't know how I was able to get to these directories in the memory since it appears as though the browser will not take you there but my blackberry seems to show all images even if they are in system directories. Is there any browers for the blackberry that will allow me to look at the entire filesystem, or an application for my desktop that will allow me to search the filesystem on my blackberry? I am curious if there is anything else in this icon directory or if there is other directories set up for the yahoo email box.

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    07-21-08 06:03 PM
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    I'd love to be able to see the whole device memory and not just the few user content folders. I don't even know how you were able to access the icon file you mention. I was searching around for file managers and all I could find were apps that do what we can already do with the free stuff that is part of the BB OS and DM. If we can gain access to the rest of the memory and work with the files in there the tech savvy users can move stuff to memory card that isn't critical to device function.

    Kind of like that app that stores apps on the memory card but since it appears that it isn't worth the money due to downsides to the way it works. But we could move files in a way to not be like we are installing the app all over again.

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