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    I went to the X shield website threw my browser on my bold 9780 like it told me too. I downloaded the file onto my device; however it doesn't seem to launch. I've tried downloading another version of it, but i still got the same problem. now i'm back to OS 6.0 version, the one that is made for my phone. I still need to purchase the key to the software, which everyone should to this great product. But the app doesn't even open for me to do anything in.

    Can someone help ?

    another issue i have is i have 4 pending bbm requests, I have 0 contacts in bbm. I've tried to add myself from a different bb device however I never even received the request from the other device to my bold.

    I was connected to wifi when i downloaded the app, however i do have a 100mb data plan.

    once again thank you everyone!
    06-11-12 04:48 AM
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    Best bet would be to contact the developer(s) for further information and support.


    As far as BBM goes, you can always try adding yourself to BBM(from the same device). Quickest way I know of checking to see if it is working. You are not giving enough information. Do you have a BB Data Plan (Not a generic Smartphone or data plan), have you ever been able to use BBM, have you tried calling your carrier?
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    06-11-12 07:43 AM
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    anyluck solving this problem
    04-17-13 12:30 AM
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    I use xshield, had same problem, you need to have your myname@carrier.blackberry. com email set up x uses pin msging to communicate but must use the email to verify a bis connection idk the specifics and btw if any of the x devs read this please make a bb10 version of x! Or some one find out how to virtually run os7 like it runs android virtually
    05-08-14 03:24 AM
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    How do I get x sheil sheil my blackberry
    01-19-16 02:08 PM