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    I went into Rogers yesterday afternoon to get my fiancée s upgrade to her Bold. We were going to pick up a new Classic from the store, but calling Rogers on the phone gave her a better deal. She was told her new phone would be here in 3 to 5 days? But guess what, we got it at around 11 this morning. We live in the Hamilton area, that's the fastest we have ever received a phone. Amazing.

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    04-08-16 11:28 AM
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    Rogers still sucks.

    But as does Telus. And especially Bell.
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    04-08-16 11:35 AM
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    Yeah, I almost never go into a brick-n-mortar store anymore. 90% of my dealings with my carrier is done over the phone. But then too, I've been with VZW so long that they tend to bend over backwards for me (in store not so much cuz they don't really give a hoot).
    04-08-16 11:37 AM
  4. koool1's Avatar
    Rogers still sucks.

    But as does Telus. And especially Bell.
    I only deal with Rogers for cellular but all of my experiences with customer service has been excellent. Problems with billing fixed immediately. Employees all speak English properly. All good!

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    04-08-16 12:14 PM
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    We don't usually go into a store either, but I needed to show her the size difference between the Bold and Classic. Visual is usually better for her to get the feel of the new phone.

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    04-08-16 12:22 PM

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